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Elucid Solutions focuses on develping, implementing, and servicing hardware and software solutions that seemlessly integrate into your business workflow. We strive to remove the frustration from IT, making it as clear and concise as possible.

a Few words About Us

After more than 20 years of experience helping people with their IT needs, we realize that Information Technology (IT) can be not only consufing but frustrating for many. We partner with clients to help them formulate the right questions and to identify real needs that ultimately lead to a system architecture that allows them to work efficiently and in the manner they want to work.

Best Services

Elucid Solutions can provide support for a wide variety of IT needs - mail, office applications, cloud or hybrid-cloud solutions, software development, security, managed service agreements, disaster recovery plans, offsite backups, etc.


Our company and staff are committed to serving the local community by providing discounted services to non-profit organizations. In addition, we endeavor to encourage our for-profit customers and vendors to support these qualified charities through their products and services.

Our Values


We commit to provide the IT services you need at a price you can afford.


At our core is the value to always be fully transparent and honest, establishing a bond of trust.

Quality support

We address issues right the first time and strive to midigate future issues.


We provide a personal approach intended for a meaningful, lasting partnership.

Our Services


From firewalls to network segregation to malware & antivirus detection, we harden the security to help mitigate against the increasing number of threats your network can be exposed to each day.

Desktops / Servers

We not only oversee the architecture and deployment of your servers and workstation, but the ongoing maintenance to keep your IT infrastructure running at its best.

Recovery Plans

Planning for a disaster recovery is often overlooked and the consequence can often be catastrophic. We help develop solutions for regular onsite and offsite backups that can be tested.

Cloud Solutions

Current trends are moving data and services to the cloud. Whether its your data, email or some other service, we can help evaluate whether this option is right for you.